The importance of ‘school night’​ drinks in the Corporate & Construction world.

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Its Thursday evening in the office of the Malaysian embassy in Munich, Germany, its been a stressful week with the foreign minister having visited over the last 3 days and their every need had to be catered for, ‘let’s go have a drink to relax after that guys’…

It’s a Wednesday afternoon in mid-January on a construction site outside Brisbane, Australia, it has been a super humid 33 degree working on the roof all day, but you’ve managed to get the job done just in time for hand over, ‘time for a few beer fellas’…

Isn’t it time we take back control of how drinking alcohol is seen, particularly here in Australia, where it is stigmatised at every turn. I mean, the age of 18 as the limit when we are legally allowed to drink alcohol is set for a reason, because we are deemed at this age conscious enough of ourselves to be able to look after ourselves through our own decisions, and it’s fair to say, recognise the difference between right and wrong.

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I’m not saying there aren’t issues with alcohol in society, but going out for social drinks and drinking responsibly on ‘school nights’ as I have done in both my career in both the Corporate and Constructions industries over the years (yes the above are about me and very true anecdotes) shouldn’t be lumped in with these societal problems. I am not suggesting we glorify and make cool in the style of Harvey Specter, as awesome as Harvey is, but let’s show it for what it is,

downtime for the hard worker, the business person who has just closed out a deal which required taking the clients out on that Thursday evening, which turned into a few drinks (despite that 8 am next morning debrief), the busy parent juggling kids and a career who loves a glass or two of wine to wind down after competing with the new up-starts in the office, or the honest construction worker who gives his all in the hot sun day in day out, and simply likes a couple of schooners to relax and come down from the stressful deadline he met…

Is there better ways to relax and come down, certainly. Yoga, the gym, a run, mediation, all of which I do on an almost regular basis, but they have their time and place.

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